Canadian and Lab Created Diamonds; What's New and Exciting at Phoenix Jewelry

Canadian and Lab Created Diamonds; What's New and Exciting at Phoenix Jewelry

    In the words of our favourite blonde vixen, Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds are a girl’s best friend", and how right she was! In today's day and age, diamond options are endless! With a variety of new ethical options and price points, consumer options are at an all time high. Here at Phoenix Jewelry Co. we are proud to offer our wonderful customers both Canadian mined diamonds and lab created diamonds! Not sure of the difference? Let us break it down for you!


   Canadian mined diamonds are natural diamonds found in the beautiful northern regions of Canada, such as the northern Ontario Victor mine, or the Diavik mine in Yellowknife. These diamonds are formed deep within the earths crust, combining carbon, high temperatures and heat. They are brought to the earths surface due to an ancient volcanic eruption with a rare type of magma called kimberlite. In this eruption, the kimberlite is forced to the surface, bringing a wide variety of diamonds with it! These diamonds are then extracted from the ground, cut faceted and polished all within Canada. Canadian diamonds are among some of the highest quality diamonds in the world, with their icy colouring and stunning clarity. We are able to source all styles of Canadian diamonds, including a wide variety in our engagement rings, along with the Glowing Hearts Canadian Diamond Collection. Sourced from the world's finest diamonds, Glowing Hearts diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada, then masterfully cut and polished in Canada to reveal an unmatched allure that hides beneath their rough exterior. The resulting perfection presents an unrivalled display of sparkle, fire and scintillation, which makes all the difference in your jewelry! 

     Worried about the environmental impact of diamond mining? We’ve got you covered! We have recently started offering lab created diamonds! These diamonds, which are grown in a carefully controlled lab, offer an environmentally friendly alternative to naturally mined diamonds. They are made in two different processes: chemical vapor deposition (CVD), or high-pressure high temperature (HPHT). CVD diamonds are a slower growth process, while HPHT diamonds are grown rapidly in high heat. These diamonds are then cut, faceted and polished in the lab, which are then sent to us to set into jewelry specially made for you! We also offer a variety of lab created gemstones, such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, that are made using the same lab created process!


    So why not come by the store and talk all things diamonds with us? We’d be happy to show you our collection of Canadian diamonds, Glowing Heart Diamonds and lab created diamonds! You can also email us any diamond related inquiries or questions to

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