The Diamond's In The Details; Talking Mined Diamonds Vs Lab Diamonds Vs Moissanite

The Diamond's In The Details; Talking Mined Diamonds Vs Lab Diamonds Vs Moissanite

 When it comes to stone options for your jewelry, in 2020 you now have more options than ever! Whether you're looking to be environmentally friendly, budget friendly, or bling friendly; we've got you covered here at Phoenix Jewelry Co., and would love to break down your options for you. So, lets talk bling! 

Mined Diamonds

The most commonly used stone in engagement rings and statement jewelry, mined diamonds are a stunning option for any piece! Found naturally in the ground, mined diamonds are formed deep within the earths crust thousands of years ago, combining carbon, heat and immense pressure to form diamond crystals. Diamonds are brought to the surface through ancient volcanic explosions, afterwards are then called Kimberlite Pipes, where the diamonds are forced to the earths surface. These diamonds are then discovered all over the world and mined thousands of years after said explosion. 

After being mined, each stone is faceted, polished and ready to be set into your jewelry! Mined diamonds come in a variety of grades, which takes colour, cut, clarity and carat weight into consideration! Available in a variety of colours and qualities, natural diamonds can fit each budget; though the clearer and larger the diamond, the higher the price tag. 

While this process can be straining on the environment in which they're mined; they still make a stunning option for jewelry, whether you decide to use new or estate diamonds! 

Lab Diamonds 

A perfectly stunning option for those looking to be more environmentally friendly, lab created diamonds are made to amaze! These diamonds are made in a crucible in a lab using one of two methods High Heat High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD), lab created diamond expedite the diamond forming process by combining carbon, heat and immense pressure in a controlled setting to form a diamond, quickly! Over the process of 28 days, the diamonds are grown from a diamond seed (a small sliver of natural diamond) to a bright beautiful formed diamond! Since these diamonds are being made in such a controlled environment, scientists are also able to control the quality of the diamonds! Lab created diamonds are usually very bright and clear in their clarity and colour, and make an excellent ethical option for engagement rings and jewelry alike! 


Another lab created gem, moissanite is made using silicon carbide, high pressure and high heat in a crucible, much like lab created diamonds. This process takes slightly longer, taking two to three months to create a single batch of moissanite, and is carefully controlled to ensure high quality colour and clarity in each stone! Moissanite growing normally results in some of the clearest, largest stones in the jewelry industry. Jewellers require a moissanite testing kit, as moissanite is so closely related to diamonds that they actually test as a diamond on a diamond testing pen! Both environmentally friendly and budget friendly at a fraction of the cost of mined and lab created diamonds, moissanite's make a great option for the center stone of your jewelry! 


So, here's the breakdown. As far as cost goes, moissanite is by far the most budget friendly option, with lab created diamonds coming in at a close second, and natural diamonds being the most costly due to their rarity. Since lab created diamonds and moissanites are made in a lab and are grown in batches, their overall cost is much lower than mined diamonds. When it comes to quality, you can find pristine quality in all three stone options! Since moissanite and lab created diamonds are made in a controlled environment, this process produces some of the most brilliant gems you can find! While you can find some stunning quality in mined diamonds, they are again considered rare and can be hard to find. In matters of wear, all three stones are incredibly tough, and can take a bit of a beating. On the MOH's scale, which ranges from 1 to 10 and measures a stones hardness and toughness, mined and lab created diamonds are a 10. Moissanite is rated at a 9.25 on the MOH's scale. This means that all of these stones are incredibly hard, and are a great option for everyday wear! 

We use all three stone options in our pieces and custom jewelry.  If you are considering any of these stones for your special piece of jewelry, you can book a custom consultation with our goldsmith Tan here:, or pop into the store where our knowledgeable staff would be happy to talk bling with you! 


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