Our Story

This coming October, Phoenix Jewelry Co will be celebrating our 34th year in business. Our owner, Tan La, is very proud to have been in business for 34 years in the Huronia Mall. His motto for success; Honesty, Integrity, Quality Jewelry at low prices; this is what kept our customers coming back to our store. 

Tan's journey has not been easy. He fought in the Vietnam War; where he was captured and placed in a P.O.W camp for three years. Tan eventually escaped the P.O.W camp along with four other comrades, two of which were recaptured and killed that day. Tan was lucky to survive and went into hiding from the communist regime. Tan's path to survival took him to Malaysia to a refugee camp; there he found safety with his daughter and sister by his side. This is where Tan's journey to Canada began. 

From the refugee camp, Tan was eventually sponsored by two couples from a church in Midland. Mr. and Mrs. Dodell, and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Tan immediately started working full time after arriving to Midland. He also enrolled in school to learn English. Tan continued his education in Toronto, enrolling in Jewelry Design at George Brown College. This came easy for Tan, as he had an Engineering Design background from schooling in Vietnam. Toronto became his new home, and he opened a jewelry store on Spadina Avenue. In 1986 Tan returned back to Midland, and opened Phoenix Jewelry Company in the Huronia Mall. Thirty four years later, Phoenix Jewelry Co is still in the same location serving the residents of the Midland and surrounding area. Tan's custom designs and on site repairs are in large due to his continued success. 

Perseverance, dedication, and hard work are many of the qualities Tan has put into his business to maintain his success in the industry. However, success does not come without the loyalty of our customers. We would like to thank our family, friends, staff and customers for your support over the last 34 years. You are the reason we are still here 34 years later. Tan's vision has always been to a personalized experience and showcase beautifully designed pieces. We are appreciative that you, the customers, embrace that vision and continue to make us your choice for all things jewelry! Thank you!