Diamond Cut Jewelry: What it is and How do you wear it?

Diamond Cut Jewelry: What it is and How do you wear it?

Diamond cut jewelry (not diamond cuts) is a trend that was a lot more prominent in the 1980s, but it’s still lingering on the Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards of today’s vintage-inspired influencers. While it may seem like just an average piece of jewelry, there is a lot of heart that goes into making these pieces. Follow along as we talk about diamond cut jewelry and how to style it well.

diamond cut jewellery

What is Diamond Cut Jewelry?

Diamond cut (not diamond cuts) jewelry is not actually made using diamonds. While in theory it sounds pretty cool: using the hardest known surface to man in order to craft a unique piece of jewelry, it’s not the case. Neither is tiny diamond shards blasting against a pendant or set of earrings.

Simply put, when a piece of jewelry is diamond cut, all it means is that a jeweler (or in these days, a machine) has cut notches or made specific cuts into a piece of jewelry. Afterwards, the jeweler will usually add a finishing to complete the look. This can be either a satin or matte finish, or sandblasting the piece.

diamond cut jewellery

What’s the Purpose?

The reason for this method of making jewelry is that the notches reflect light in a way that makes jewelry appear shinier. Many people do this because they don’t want to add gemstones into their pieces, but they do want to make the jewelry sparkle.

When done by hand, the notches can be uneven, but many people prefer it that way. Having imperfections in their jewelry adds to the authenticity of their earrings or necklace – whatever it may be. There’s a special charm to it, if you will.

diamond cut jewellery

How Do You Style it?

That’s really up to the person wearing it. Some like to layer diamond cut chains with various lengths of necklaces, while others like to wear earrings on their own. The general rule of thumb is to ensure that there’s balance to the way you style it. For example, pairing diamond cut charms with simpler chains and dainty necklaces or diamond cut earrings with rings of the same colour. Again, it really comes down to how the person wearing the piece prefers it.


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