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Ring Sizing

How much does it cost to size a ring? 

Ring sizing costs will depend on the number of sizes that your ring is going up or down, and the thickness of your ring shank. Our ring sizing starts at $50 for going up or down one size, $55 for two sizes, and $60 for three sizes. Anything over three sizes in difference would be considered a re-shanking of your ring (as we are adding a considerable amount of gold and labour into sizing said ring), re-shankings typically cost $220 depending on the state of the ring. 

Necklace/Bracelet Repair

How much is it to repair a gold chain or bracelet?

We offer repairs on gold and silver chain necklaces or bracelets starting at $15. Repair costs does depend on the state of your jewelry, and the thickness of the chain or link that needs to be soldered. If the chain is on the thicker side or there is considerable damage/wear to the piece, the price of repair will be higher. We do need to see the state of your jewelry before giving you a price on repair.

Ear piercing

Do you offer ear piercing?

We do offer ear piercing! We pierce ear lobes with a variety of ear piercing earrings with three different options! We offer earrings in stainless steel and titanium for $40 which includes the piercing, and we have earrings in 14k yellow gold for $80 which includes the piercing. 

We do not pierce anything other than ear lobes.